Hearing aids and your active lifestyle

Hearing aids and your active lifestyle

The negative stigma associated with hearing aids makes a lot of people believe the devices are only for those who have limited outdoor activities.  However, new technologies make it possible for even the most active individuals to enjoy their outdoor activities while wearing hearing aids.  If you wear hearing aids and don’t want to give up your passion for being active, you have several options for comfort and protection no matter the activity. hearing-aid-lifestyle  

Wind issues 

Outdoor enthusiasts may find themselves struggling with wind noise in their hearing aids. Some hearing aids now have wind-noise management that reduces the effect of the breeze on the device’s microphone. This wind-noise feature works very well with a natural breeze for most general outdoor activities such as walking, running, golf, hunting, etc.  At the same time, some aids have a feature that enables the devices to make sound adjustments based on your environment and store that memory. These features are ideal for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors where conditions are not controlled.  

Problems with moisture

Another worry for active individuals who wear hearing aids is that the devices will get damaged by sweat or an unexpected submersion into water.  Today, a special coating on hearing aids protects against the elements as well as skin oils, earwax and salt. This microscopic layer applied to hearing aids is 1/1000 the thickness of human hair and covers the entire device. This polymer layer forms itself around all nooks and crannies so that you have full moisture protection of the exterior and interior of your hearing aids. Although technology continues to improve, hearing aids are not completely waterproof.  If you are going to be exposed to water, take your hearing aids out and store them in a safe, dry place.  


The style of hearing aids you choose will depend on your lifestyle and hearing loss.  External aids will be more prone to moisture and wind.  If you are a candidate, the latest deep canal aids will eliminate these concerns.   

Helpful accessories

There are many kinds of accessories for hearing aids that can make your active life easier. For strong winds or extremely dirty/dusty conditions, consider a hearing aid sock.  If you are going in the water, waterproof armbands and small pelican containers will allow you to carry your aids and have them close at hand. Electronic dri-aid kits will dehumidify, clean and disinfect your aids on a daily basis to keep them in top shape. hearing-aid-accessories

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