Central Oregon’s Best Kept Hearing Aid Secret

Did you know that Central Oregon Ear, Nose & Throat is the only physician-based hearing aid dispenser in Central Oregon? Why is that important? Because the Food and Drug Administration recommends consulting with a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear (i.e., an ENT physician) before purchasing hearing aids for the first time. A hearing loss is a medical condition and needs to be treated as such; not every type of hearing loss is treated with hearing instrumentation. Some forms may be corrected with surgery or medications. Before you consider hearing aids, you need to know the reason for your impairment. Is your hearing loss caused by an undetected medical condition that requires the attention of an ENT physician? This is an important first step and will determine which treatment path is best for you – even if you wear aids now and have never been medically evaluated.

An audiological evaluation performed by one of our licensed and trained audiologists is a great place to start. Only an audiologist has the ability to properly evaluate and diagnose the cause of your hearing loss. Following your evaluation, our audiologists will consult with our ENT physicians to determine the treatment plan that is best for you. If hearing instrumentation is recommended, we offer the very latest in hearing aid technology geared toward your particular needs and lifestyle. No matter what your hearing needs may be, our dedicated team of physicians, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists is committed to giving you the highest level of compassionate and professional care.

At Central Oregon ENT, our Physicians work closely with our Audiology Department for a team approach to your hearing healthcare. We have four ENT physicians and an otologist whose specialty includes auditory surgery and BAHA procedures. Each of our physicians is Fellowship Trained with advanced training in their respective areas of specialty. Our Audiology Department consists of a Doctor of Audiology, a Clinical Audiologist and a Hearing Instrument Specialist. They offer a variety of services including adult hearing care, pediatrics, tinnitus management, treatment for balance disorders, bone-anchored hearing devices and auditory rehabilitation. With our team working together under one roof, you are assured of receiving the highest level and continuity of care, along with cost savings. Your ENT physician will oversee and coordinate your care with the other team members. Our system promotes accountability and efficiency and that benefits you in two ways: through better care and lower costs.

One reason why ‘We may be the best-kept secret in Central Oregon’ is because we don’t do a lot of advertising. Yes, we receive referrals from the local medical community. But you don’t need a referral to see us. We feel advertising would unnecessarily add to the cost of our services; we would rather pass those savings on to you. We even offer FREE hearing screenings. Our goal is simple: your complete satisfaction! We partner exclusively with the leading manufacturers of hearing devices because they have the best available technology and the highest satisfaction ratings. We want to improve your hearing and speech comprehension. Our commitment to your satisfaction involves taking into account your needs, lifestyle and budget and recommending instrumentation with a proven track record of success. We will back up that commitment with FREE follow-up care that involves various testing procedures to help us meet your desired outcomes and goals, eliminating the guesswork inherent with blind programming adjustments. These measures explain why our patients have benefited from their instrumentation and have had a more enjoyable experience.

We encourage you to come in and meet our staff, and see for yourself how we can make a difference in your life. If you suspect a hearing loss, early detection and treatment increases your odds of a successful transition. If you currently wear instruments, we invite you to come and learn about different options. Starting down the right path is the most important initial step in your hearing health.